Monday, 31 December 2012

OOTD: Mcclellan-Walsh Wedding

Hello Lovelies!

On Sunday the 23rd of December I was lucky enough to be invited to the marriage of Jacynta Mcclellan and Adam Walsh from MrMrswalsh!

After the ceremony there was some chill time where all of the guests socialised and chatted amongst themselves, and since Jack and I knew absolutely nobody there apart from the bride and groom we went for a wander around the venue! Its basically like an miniature arboretum so we decided to take some cute pictures ^^ 
I picked up the dress from Dotti for $10, SCORE. It has a small hole in the top layer of tulle but its barely visible so it was a bargain! Since it's so puffy its a bit too much for everyday wear so i'm glad I was able to wear it out to something! The shoes are from The Warehouse and make my feet ache like MAD. Jack had to piggyback me halfway back because my feet hurt :c Such a princess. But they are pretty cute, and were only $10 when I bought them off the sale table. Should've called myself Little Bargain-hunting Princess.
 Not sure what I'm doing in this photo hehe!
 Also found a super cute bridge! I love bridges! ^^
After we realised we'd missed the group photo...Oops... we indulged in h'orderves and played with bubbles that were used during the ceremony! ^^ Childlike but cuutee!
My lenses are from Iszo and are i.Fairy Aki Violet. They are the prettiest lenses I've had so far! ^^ I'm surprised how good the violet colour goes with my eye colour, and to be honest I couldn't stop staring at the lenses! ><


  1. Oh my gosh you look perfect! I love those lenses, can't wait for the review! :3

  2. This is such a lovely post! You should have told me about your blog!! I have the photos of us. I'm going to post you out a hardcopy of it. You looked stunning that day. I loved your dress!! Don't worry about the group photo lol you can't really see people's faces :P


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