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Review: I.Fairy Aki Violet Lens; Iszo

Hello Lovelies!

 Today I am going to be reviewing the I.Fairy Aki Violet Circle Lens from Iszo!  
Since I knew I was going to Jacynta and Adams wedding (MrMrswalsh), I decided to buy a new pair of lenses to go with my new cute dress ^^ If you've read my previous lens review on the Beuberry Bella Green lenses I bought from  Uniqso you'll know that I wanted to try some more natural lenses the next time I made a purchase. I was tossing up between grey lenses and violet lenses after browsing through Uniqso's store. My reasoning was that the grey lenses would look more natural with my brown eyes. But I just kept coming back to the violet lenses because they were so pretty!

So I decided to get both colours. Indecision at it's best.

I bought the i.Fairy Aki Violet lenses because they just looked so damn pretty, as well as the  i.Fairy Star Grey  because I thought they would blend out better and look more natural with my light eye colour.

How very, very wrong I was.


Being the budget princess I am, I decided to shop around to see if I could get any better deals on the lenses. From Uniqso, the Violet Lenses were $21.80 USD. Not bad. PinkyParadise doesn't sell the I.Fairy brand so that was a no go. So I resorted to googling I.Fairy Aki Lens to see if anyone else would offer them for a lower price, and discovered the Iszo store. The price for the Aki Lens was slightly higher, at $22.00 USD ... But the deal breaker was ... Free Shipping. 

Living in New Zealand, there aren't many places that sell high quality Circle Lenses. So I have to ship them in from overseas. This means higher pricing of the lenses, (depending on trade rate) and usually a generous shipping fee. Which sucks. So free shipping is awesome! Which explains why I tried Iszo! ^^
Cute pink lacy wrapping ^^
 And a gift of a free cute animal lens case ^^
I received the lenses one day before the wedding (impeccable timing) so soaked them in solution overnight and popped one of each colour into my eyes the morning of the wedding to decide. 

Window Light
 Indoor Lighting
 With Flash
Yeah I know its a little disturbing to look at two very different shaped and coloured eyes.

I.Fairy Aki Violet (With makeup and flash) Just to be clear ;)
I was actually SO disappointed with the  i.Fairy Star Grey lenses. Although I may change my mind when I put both in and test them out. Since I don't wear cirlce lenses in Gisborne (I don't think ANYBODY wears coloured lenses in Gisborne), I didn't bring them back with me, so will have to wait till February to test them out. Urgh. 

The  i.Fairy Star Grey made it look VERY obvious that I was wearing circle lenses. Not really the look I was after. :c

So then we get to the i.Fairy Aki Violet.

Um, can I say WOW. 
 Not wow at me. Wow at the lenses! So pretty!
Never in a Million years did I think that Violet and my orange/brown eye colour would look nice, but the design of this lens and my eyes and the colour just makes the prettiest combination! ^^ I can see a lot of violet colour when I look sideways.
I ended up wearing the lenses for a total of 10 hours with minimal discomfort, which I thought was pretty amazing! The false lashes caused more discomfort for me than the lenses because I was rushed while putting them on. I took my lens case and eye drops to the wedding in case the lenses became extremely uncomfortable and I had to take them out in the bathrooms, but I didn't need to! Yay!
 Colour and design:
I LOVE the colour and design! It has a thick black Limbal Ring which has waves on the inside that help it fade to the violet colour. The violet coloured iris has a pattern of black stars around the perimeter which is very effective in helping to soften the colour and provide a more natural look. The lens fade into my natural iris colour really well, and the violet colour compliments the orange/brown colour of my eyes.

I thought the enlargement on these lenses was perfect. My eyes looked huge, cute and dolly. ^^ I know that in my last lens review I said the 16mm lens were too big for me, but I couldn't see that much difference in the 16mm to the 16.2mm. They are just such perfect lenses! ^^

They were a breeze to put in and take out, and 10 hours in them was absolutely fine. The heaviness of my eyelashes bothered me more than the lenses, and I don't really consider that uncomfortable.

I actually can't stop raving about theses lenses! They are perfect in almost every way. The ONLY bad thing I would say about them is that because the lens colour overlapped with my pupils, at some point in time I was able to see a bit of the violet colour in my peripheral vision. This wasn't uncomfortable or disconcerting and doesn't affect how much I LOVE these lenses but I thought I should mention it.
In terms of the store Iszo, I found that the service, packaging and shipping was very good. They have a wide range of brands and colours of lenses, with an easily accesable website and browsing system. The only downfall of the service was the communication. The Aki Violet lenses were not in stock when I ordered them (which was not shown on the website) and I had to wait one week for them to be sent to me. While this is in no way a big deal at all since I was somehow organized enough to order them two weeks in advance to cater for Pre-Christmas shipping, the problem was that the Iszo team did not email me to tell me they were out of stock. Instead the wrote a note on my order page which I didn't think to check. Its not a big deal, but that was the only fault I could find for the store. ^^ 

I would definitely order again from Iszo! (: If you are interested in trying some Circle lenses, have a look and see if anything takes your fancy. You never know what will end up looking amazing! :D


  1. Love your dress! Those lenses are pretty cool!

  2. Hello,

    Do you mind if I write about circle lens giveaway here ?

    I put a link to your blog on this page:

    Then maybe I will get a free pair of lenses !

    You can try also ? And they also give free contacts if you make a review as it seems that you are good at it :-)

    Thank you !!!

  3. The lenses look so pretty on you!!
    and the dress too!

    I'm following you ♥

  4. I remember when you had these on for my wedding. Absolutely stunning!!

  5. they are pretty!
    i like the purple one!

  6. i love the lens on you :) you are soooo beautiful hehehe

  7. Those circle lenses are looking good on you, you are looking cute with it, simply superb.

  8. Ahhhh, this dress! Your hair! So much gorgeousness!


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