Thursday, 9 November 2017

Review: Koelf Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Eye Patch

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Koelf Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Eye Patch! I thought these patches were made by Petitfee but I actually can't find any information on it either way which is funny. I picked these because I really like Rose scents, and the patches are such a pretty rose gold colour!
Bugarian Rose – Damask rose flower water from Bulgaria Contain high levels of vitamins to moisturize and clarify skin tone. It provides good moisturizing effect to the eyes area. Anti-aging, Hydrating, Soothes, refreshes the skin effectively.
 These patches come in a cute little pink pot decorated with roses.
The patches themselves are the yin yang shape that fits my eyes really well. They're quite thin so they don't feel weird on the eyes and are rose gold in colour as well as being rose scented.
I leave these patches on for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of an hour. I can also use these under normal sheet masks too! I find that these patches smooth out and hydrate my under eye area pretty well!
These definitely plump up my under eye wrinkles! The after photos are not photo shopped, you can even see the little fine hair underneath the outer corner of my eyes from Revitalash.
What I Love
- Cute packaging
- Great shape for my eyes
- Patches are rose gold coloured
- Smooths out wrinkles

What I Don't Love
- Nothing

Final Thoughts
I really enjoy using these eye patches! They are super cute and plump up my under eye area so quickly and beautifully. After using these patches the skin looks very matte and soft, they definitely reduce the appearance of wrinkles after use. This is not a permanent effect and only really lasts for 24 hours, but it's a great treatment to use before going to events when I want my under eyes to look beautiful and young!

I would recommend the Koelf Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Eye Patch to any Princesses looking for cute under eye patches that will plump up any fine lines! 

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  1. Which would you say are better, these or the petitfee gold&snail that you reviewed well last year?


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