Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Skinfood Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Skinfood Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder! I used to have the Skinfood Peach Silky Pore Powder which looks like it has been discontinued, but since the silky pore powder was a Holy Grail for me, I was super curious to see if the new Peach Cotton Powder was too!
Refreshing, milky white and smooth skin like a peach! A finishing powder that controls excessive sebum with sebum control powder, while calming troubles with peach extract and calamine powder, for healthy skin.​
The powder comes housed in a super cute little jar which is a huge improvement on the old packaging. I have the mini 5gram size to try out and I really like the size for travel!
The powder itself is white in colour, very finely milled and smells like peaches! When blended out it turns transparent and I don't notice any white cast on my skin, though being quite fair it would be pretty hard to see a white cast anyway. This powder makes my skin feel very soft and silky, it's one of the only powders that actually makes my skin feel so soft and nice!
When used with quite a dewy foundation this powder smooths over my pores and gives my skin a beautiful soft matte finish. I can use a lighter hand and get a demi matte finish too which is very versatile. It's very easy to use too, if I want a demi matte finish I would use a fluffy brush, if I want a super matte finish I can use the puff included.
This powder also keeps my skin matte and mostly shine free! My skincare and foundation also contribute greatly to this aspect though, and if you have very oily skin this alone may not be enough. I compared it to my current transparent powder, the MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder which is three times the price, and actually found that the Skinfood held up better around my nose!
What I Love
- Super inexpensive (mini 5g is $3.65 full size 7.5g is $7.50)
- Cute, functional packaging
- Smells like peaches!
- Feels super soft and silky
- Easy to apply
- Mattifies skin
- Smooths out pores
- Keeps my skin shine free

What I Don't Love
- Nothing!

Final Thoughts
As I suspected, this new powder definitely replaces the old powder as a Holy Grail for me! I love everything about this setting powder, it's easy to use and smells like peaches, it makes my skin feel super soft and silky and it smooths over my pores beautifully, and it also keeps my face shine free all day! There is nothing that I don't like about this powder, and since it comes in this super cute 5gram travel size for $3.65 it's definitely a powder everyone can afford to try out!

I would recommend the Skinfood Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder to any Pricesses looking for a peach scented powder to smooth out and mattify the skin!

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