Thursday, 23 November 2017

Review: Skinfood Fresh Fruits Juice Extraction Blush

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Skinfood Fresh Fruits Juice Extraction Blushes! I quite enjoy liquid blushes, but I haven't tried a blush that's been quite this liquidy before!
A water-full blusher that creates rosy skin with a vivid color like fresh juice.
The packaging for these blushes is pretty bulky, these are bigger than most lip tints or nail polishes! I really like that the outer colour of the packaging matches the colour on the inside too so I know which colour I'm picking up!
The applicator is a little different, it looks like a nail polish brush! It works quite well to disperse the product evenly since the product is so liquidy.
There are four shades in the collection. On the first swatch I was really quite underwhelmed, two shades look super vibrant and the other two look really dull.
 However, on my cheeks I think the duller colours actually look better!
Fig & Plum
 Fig & Plum is a dull, peachy nude shade.
My first thought when swatching this shade was ew. I was not a fan, I thought it looked dull and weird! However when I wear it on my cheeks I immediately fell in love! It's the perfect natural flush for me, it's not too bright and pink but it's also not too orange. This is surprisingly my favourite shade in the collection!
Active Carrot
 Active Carrot is a vibrant tangerine shade.
Generally I don't do oranges. Peaches are beautiful, but orange just doesn't look great on my skin tone. This orange actually looks quite nice and I do enjoy wearing it! These blushes have such a liquidy texture and may seem a little intense to start with, but in general they are very easy to apply and blend out.
Mellow Raspberry
 Mellow Raspberry is a pretty muted peach.
Mellow Raspberry is another favourite of mine! It gives me a beautiful soft flush of colour that is very similar to Fig & Plum, but is more peachy in tone. It's so flattering on my skin tone! One thing that I particularly love about these blushes is that they have good longevity without staining my cheeks and being stubborn to blend.
Berry Beet Juice
 Berry Beet Juice is a vibrant purple toned pink.
Initially I thought I would like this shade the most, but I actually don't like it at all! I find that cool tones don't always look the best on me, and rather than being lavender this is more like a very cool toned pink. I found this shade is super vibrant too and I applied waaaay too much, I would recommend using a light hand with this shade in particular!
What I Love
- Cute, functional packaging
- Pretty colours
- Easy to apply and blend out
- Great longevity but no staining
- Don't accentuate pores or flaws

What I Don't Love
- Packaging is quite bulky

Final Thoughts
I really enjoy using these blushes! The colours are really quite pretty (though I find the purple shade to be a little too intense) and they're the most blendable liquid blushes that I've ever tried. The packaging is cute and functional, but I actually wish they were a lot smaller because they are pretty chunky! These are definitely blushes that I reach for if I want to keep my cheeks looking dewy and smooth too because they don't accentuate any pores or flaws that my skin has, and because they're liquid they don't mattify parts of my cheeks. Because I use them quite sparingly it can be hard to tell the difference between the shades in pictures, but Fig & Plum and Mellow Raspberry are definitely my favourite everyday shades and I've gotten quite a lot of use out of them so far!

I would recommend the Skinfood Fresh Fruits Juice Extraction Blush to any Princesses looking for super dewy, easy to use liquid blushes!

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