Thursday, 15 June 2017

Review: Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight Lip Tints! These are the updated version of the original Tony Tints, I believe the old tints had very regular round packaging with pictures of the fruit on the front, then they had the Cat Chu Wink version, and now they have the delight version!
Sweet and fresh tint coloring like a cute fruits. This is applied moistly and smoothly with abundant water so it colors your cheeks and lips shyly and lively.
The Tony Tint Delight packaging is so cute and pretty functional, I LOVE that the lids are little hearts, I think it's ultra cute! These have a nice doe foot wand which doesn't pick up too much of the tint, the Cat Chu versions picked up WAY too much tint, and it's fairly easy to differentiate between the colours since the bottles are clear.
There are three shades in the collection and they are the classic K-Beauty colours. I don't think the colours are super interesting, but that's what makes them classic.
Cherry Pink
Cherry Pink is a bright pinky red shade.
This is a really pretty colour, and when my lips are very well prepped they look really pretty! I do find that these tints have trouble adhering to my lips in patches. This is much worse when my lips aren't super prepped for swatches (ie: everyday wear really) and the tint looks very patchy. This is true for all colours, not just this one.
This is my favourite shade out of the three!
The shade red, is, well ... red.
This shade is really pretty and very classic. Since these are water tints they dry down quickly and are smudgeproof which is great!
Orange ChaCha
Orange ChaCha is a lovely carrot-like orange for lack of a better description.
This shade is quite a staple in the K-Beauty world! The best way I can explain the colour of this aside from just calling it orange, is like a carrot colour, which is probably the weirdest colour description ever, but there you go. I think it looks pretty on my skintone, but it's not a colour I gravitate towards.
After a couple of hours these tints do wear off, especially if I eat or drink. They do wear off quite gracefully, I don't end up with a ring of colour around the outside of my lips which is nice, but does look a little patchy and they tend to dry out my lips. 
The colour range is quite pretty, but Cherry Pink is actually quite close in colour to Red when you look at them side by side.
What I Love
- Super cute, functional packaging
- Very inexpensive
- Easy to apply
- Cute colour range

What I Don't Love
- Applies quite patchy 90% of the time
- Dries out my lips
- Doesn't last very long

Final Thoughts
I honestly thought I would like these tints more, but I found them to be quite average to be honest! They are very inexpensive and the packaging is cute, but they don't have great longevity and they don't adhere fully to my lips 90% off the time. These definitely don't beat my favourite water tints which are the Face Shop Disney Tints, but they are substantially cheaper and not limited edition so they have that going for them. 

I would recommend the Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight Lip Tints to any Princesses that are looking for an inexpensive, cutely packaged lip tint! 

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  1. I want to ask you about the packaging between the red one and the cherry pink. It looks different. The first is tony moly tony tint delight and the red one is delight tony tint tony moly. Why?

    1. Hi! No idea, I got them from the same (genuine) supplier too.


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