Thursday, 22 June 2017

Review: The Saem Saemmul Soft Jelly Blusher

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about The Saem Saemmul Soft Jelly Blushers! I saw these blushes when I was shopping on Jolse and I thought they looked so cute, and really similar to the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes that I used to own and love!
Soft color Jelly Blusher, New Jelly blusher type without blowing powder of powder blusher and stickiness of cream blusher, Long lasting fresh applying.
The Soft Jelly Blushes have simple packaging with a clear lid so you can easily identify the colour. There are three colours in the range, a rosy red, pink and a peach.

PK01 Apple Rose
Apple Rose is a pretty rosy red shade!
This is the most pigmented shade in the trio and it is a little easy to over apply. I prefer to use my fingers to apply these blushes, but you can also use a duo fiber brush for a really pretty finish.
I quite like this shade, I think it looks quite flattering on my skin tone, it's very natural! Since this is such a natural shade for me I do tend to wear it quite a lot, it looks like a natural flush which is really nice since I do go for more of a natural look throughout the week.
PK02 Strawberry Macaroon
Strawberry Macaroon is a light, cool toned pink shade.
This is another really pretty shade and it's quite brightening! I'm not sure how versatile this shade would be for different skin colours since it is really quite light in colour. The blushes feel like a cream to apply, but as you blend them they feel more and more like a powder.
This shade is very youthful and pretty. I don't always gravitate towards this shade because it doesn't really look natural, but it is very cute!
CR1 Apricot Peach
Apricot Peach is a very pretty mid toned peach shade.
My arm swatch looks very peachy, but on my face it looks much more apricot like in colour! This colour is very pretty, but it's not my favourite shade. These blushes are quite flattering on uneven skin texture, they don't accentuate pores or flaws which is great!
I just don't love orange blushes or lipstick on my skin tone, I think the make my skin look much more yellow in tone which isn't really what I want. However, I think the colour itself is super pretty!
I think the colour range is very pretty, and they all have pretty good colour payoff!
They're all very easy to apply, and they have great longevity too, they don't fade of smudge throughout the day.
What I Love
- Fairly inexpensive at about $6USD each
- Pretty, functional packaging
- Easy to apply
- Pretty colour range
- Vibrant colour payoff
- Flattering on uneven skin texture
- Good longevity

What I Don't Love
- Small colour selection

Final Thoughts
I really like these soft jelly blushes! They're easy to apply, flattering on my skin, and last all day. I wish that they had more shades in the range because 3 isn't very many, and they have such a beautiful formula that I would love a couple more shades! The small shade range is really my only criticism and it's only because I like the formula so much.

I would recommend The Saem Saemmul Soft Jelly Blusher to any Princesses looking for beautifully soft cream blushes!

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