Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tutorial: Pink and Gold Ball makeup

Hello Princesses!

Ball season in New Zealand is finishing up, so I thought I would show you guys this easy, soft, neutral eye make up using the The Balm's Nune'tude palette! ^^ I did this make up for my younger sisters first year University Halls Ball. 
This is the biggest and most expensive pallete I own, (I rarely use eye shadow that's not matte brown) but I was really pleased with all of the colours in this palette! I'll do some swatches and a review later on ;)

I used all of the eye shadow's in this look from this palette because it was so much easier to hold one pallete that met all my needs. But you certainly don't have to use this palette or even these colours!  

Pink and Gold Ball makeup
1 After priming your eyes, apply a gold shimmer (Snobby) to the inner third of your eye lid and tear ducts.

2 Apply a medium pink shimmer (Stubborn) to the center of your eyelid.

3 Use a matte medium brown (Sultry) to outline your crease and outer V. Blend out the harsh edges.

4 Use a Matte dark brown (Sleek) to define the outer V.

5 Line your lash line with a black liquid liner, and wing it out slightly.

6 Apply the same dark brown (Sleek) to the outer corner of your lower lashline and connect it to the wing of your eyeliner. Apply Mascara and False lashes if desired.

That's it guys! Cute right! ^^ 

Emily has such different shaped eyes than me, but I like doing eye makeup on her a lot more than on myself!

FYI, this is me and my baby sister together, we are fully related but don't look anything alike! We have an older brother who looks like me, (Pale and dark hair) and a younger brother who looks like her (Olive skin and light hair) while my Dad is pale and my mama has olive skin.
Let me know what you guys thought of this tutorial, (sorry about the blurry photo's, I'm still learning! ^^) Tomorrow I'll be reviewing a new(ish) mobile app called Imotiv!


  1. I really love this palette. Will have to try this look for myself some time. ^^

  2. This is gorgeous <3 I just found your blog and I am in love! It's so cute~

  3. Love the look! I've been interested in this palette but haven't purchased it as I already own a few neutrals..

    Louise | Vanity Corner
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    1. It's a great little palette! But I think for neutrals there a probably a couple better but more expensive ones like the Naked palettes!

  4. Great tutorial and the eye shadow palette design is adorable! haha

    xx Mandy

    1. Thank you! ^^ Haha the palette has the 'Naughty' design with the naked ladies, but there is a 'Nice' design which has a room background instead ;)


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