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Review: Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream!
Like I've said so many times, I'm a huge fan of BB Creams, so when the western BB Creams were released I just had to try them to see how they measured up to the Eastern BB Creams! ;) You can check out my reviews for the Garnier BB Cream and the Revlon BB Cream!
I bought this BB Cream, in the shade Light, from my local farmers for $24.99NZD.
This BB Cream claims to;
  • Blur imperfections 
  • Fresh, Lightweight feel
  •  Enhances
  • Brightens
  • Visibly smoothes skin
  • Hydrates all day
  • Adjusts to skin tone
  • Oil Free
  • Protects with SPF 30<

 (Note: Absoluetly nowhere on the bottle does it specify the SPF protection level, I found that information from the Maybelline website.)
This BB Cream is quite orange and dark for a Light colour, but it does blend out quite nicely. In fact it blends out to almost nothing. It almost looks like the last swatch has nothing on it, but in fact, that's what the oxidized BB Cream looks like. 

(Click the pics to enlarge them!)
 Bare face - BB Cream - BB Cream + Translucent Powder - BB Cream + 6 Hours

The coverage is very minimal, as you can see from the HD photo's. I honestly only consider this a tinted moisturizer because of the lack of coverage. It does not blur imperfections or cover like a foundation for me. In fact it almost looks like I'm wearing nothing at all. (nothin' at all)
This BB Cream has a very thin watery texture. You need to use quite a lot to cover your face completely (which isn't very efficient considering the small size)

Oil Control This BB Cream is meant to have a dewy finish, which means it looks a little oily for my liking. It had a slight build-up of oil around the 5hour mark but nothing too major.

The scent is a little funny, I can't quite place it! It smells a little like cold cream?

Lasting Power
Average. Since it didn't really seem like there was much colour or product on my skin it was hard to judge how well it lasted.

Things I Love

Things I don't Love
Very Sheer, not enough coverage
Not buildable
Dewy finish 
  Very expensive for a small size
Won't last more than 6 hours without retouching or blotting
 Darkens with time

  Who might like it?  
People who fit in the 3 colour spectrum
People looking for a good tinted moisturizer  
People with near perfect skin 
People with dry or dull skin
People looking for a dewy finish 

Who might not like it?  
People outside of the 3 colour spectrum  
People who have blemishes that need concealing
  People looking for a high coverage BB Cream

People with oily skin
People looking for a Matte finish

Final Thoughts 
I don't really consider this to be a BB Cream, it's more like a tinted moisturizer. If you are looking for something that's fast to slap on in a rush in the morning and you don't mind how much you spend this could be a great option for you! But personally since it has very little coverage and is not the right colour for me, I will pass it on to somebody else who might like it! 

I should stop buying Western BB Creams, as they never seem to work out for me! -.- I could almost copy my Revlon BB Cream review word for word on this one!
I've been experimenting with a new photo editor (which hopefully explains the double watermarked photos!) What do you guys think of the round edge photos and new watermark?

Next Thursday I'll be reviewing Maybelline's other BB Cream, the Dream Pure BB Cream, which will be my last Western BB Cream! (hopefully)

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  1. Coincidentally picked up the Dream Pure BB cream the other day! I actually quite like it but if my skin breaks out or something it really isn't very good at covering:(

    I'm interested to read your review though ~ right now I don't have the opportunity to buy Eastern BB creams, but I really want to in the future! Is there any Asian brands that you would recommend? ^-^ x

    1. Hey Emily! ^^ I would definitely recommend Missha, Skinfood, Skin79 and Etude House BB Creams! ^^

  2. Wow you're so pretty!♥ Thank you for your kind comment, I was really flattered :D :D

  3. nice post, you are very pretty :))

    I love Korean make up too, just btw :)

    visit my blog please

    1. Thank you sweetie :D Of course I'll check out your blog!

  4. I read both of your BB Cream reviews would you recommend this one or the Dream Pure? They both look so great on you! ♡

    1. The Dream Pure is my favorite by far! But if you lean more towards the dry/dull skin perhaps the Dream Fresh would be better (:


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