Thursday, 22 August 2013

Review: Western BB Cream Comparison

 Hello Princesses!

 Today I'm going to be doing some comparisons between the Western BB Creams that I have tried out! ^^

The first swatches we are going to have a look at are the comparisons between Garniers miracle skin perfector, Revlon photoready BB cream and Maybellines dream fresh BB cream, purely because by the time I bought the Maybellines dream pure BB cream I'd already sold the Garnier BB Cream!
 Check out the difference of consistency and coverage in these swatches!
 From left to right we have the Garnier - Revlon - Maybelline swatches from straight out of the bottle to fully oxidized. They all look pretty orange when they are in liquid form, but the Maybelline is the closest match to my skin tone out of the three!
Garniers miracle skin perfector
These photos were taken back in January when I was as tan as I was going to get. (Didn't realize how chubby my face has gotten! ><) Even in these photos you can see the lack of coverage and slightly orange tone I got from the BB Cream. It was never going to fit me right because I don't want to get tanner, so I sold it on. Disappointing.
Revlon photoready BB cream
While the Revlon looks good from afar/after editing, it's still too dark for my pale skin. I really hated the consistency of this BB Cream, and the lack of coverage plus the price tag made me want to chuck this one out ASAP!  

Maybellines dream fresh BB cream
 I was totally on the edge of keeping/selling this BB Cream until I purchased the Dream Pure BB Cream! For me, the Dream Fresh is too sheer and dewy, so if you're trying to decide between the Dream Fresh and the Dream Pure, think about whether you are wanting Matte skin and semi full coverage, or sheer coverage and dewy skin. ;)

  The consistency between these BB Creams is quite similar. The Dream Fresh is thinner and easier to spread than the Dream Pure, but the Dream Pure has more coverage and is paler in colour than the Dream Fresh!
Maybellines dream pure BB cream
The Dream Pure BB Cream is my favorite out of all of the western BB creams I've tried so far! I adore the consistency and it provides enough day time coverage for me. It's only a little too dark, but I'm confident that during the summer tanning weather it'll be just fine! 

That does it for my Western BB Creams review/comparison! Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions about these products and I'll try my best to answer them! ^^


  1. Dream pure is the lightest and it seems like it matches you the best. I always have that with Western face products. They are never pale enough for me. -.-
    Thank you for this review! I think we don't have Dream Pure here but if I see it I will try it. :)

    1. It's really challenging to get the Western products pale enough because they tend to cater for darker skin tones. The Dream Pure is only juuust light enough haha but I would totally recommend trying it!

  2. The Dream Pure is my favourite one as well! Thanks for this review~ I always considered buying the Revlon one but I have pale skin too so I think I'll give it a miss ahah^-^ Also you look so pretty in those pictures Lauren! Your hair is really nice:D x

    1. Hehe I'm glad you like the Dream Pure too! I was quite surprised by the Revlon being too dark because it seemed quite light/ish in the swatches! Thank you so much though! ^^

  3. I was just thinking about getting the deam pure BB cream. I tried the Dream Fresh and it was horrible for me(oily skin and all). Thanks for the review, it's really helpful ^^

    1. Yeah the Dream Fresh isn't good for oily skin :/ I haaateee looking super oily!

  4. Thank you for the review! I always heard that the Revlon Photoready BB cream is good but I think I will think twice before getting it now ><

    xx Mandy

    1. I heard good things about the Revlon too, and it's usually such a reliable brand! Pretty disappointed by the BB Cream :C

  5. Hi gorgeous! I nominated you for the Liebster award! Love your blog! xo

  6. I'm going to try this out! I also nominated you for the Liebster award!


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