Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review: Missha Lipstick

Hello Princesses!

Today I am going to be showing you guys a couple of  lipsticks I got from Missha's $10 lipstick sale!

I bought them off Missha's online store based in Auckland, New Zealand. When you offer me free shipping of any kind it's useless to resist! I tried to restrain myself to two lipsticks (which failed) and ended up buying three! :3

 I ordered these three products with the anticipation of about a three day delivery wait. Considering they were only coming from Auckland to Hamilton (about an hour's drive) I thought 3 days would be pretty generous. 


One and a half weeks later.


Now I know that's not really much of a wait, but I do have a small thing for communication between company's and customers. A lot of the time I have paid a good amount of money to a company in anticipation of my goods being delivered to me in a fairly quick amount of time, but quite frequently the companys will not tell me when my package will be delayed. Which kind of annoys me quite a lot.  I had the same problem with ISZO lens.

So I emailed them, and they quickly responded saying one of my items was out of stock. Which is fine, but like I said, I would have been happier if they had emailed me that to start off with. 

 Lets start off with the packaging and the products because that's what you guys are most likely reading this post for! ^^

I didn't take a photo of the postage since it was just a bag with bubble wrapped containers. Nothing super special!
 Shiny shiny! You get a decent amount of product for the lipsticks and a great amount for the crayon!
  Here are some swatches. The Creamy Matte is incredibly sheer while the crayon is very pigmented.
Ok, I have included my bare lips for comparison. Please be nice now, I know I'm never going to be a mouth model (to be honest it's a little gross to look at) and I have a wonky smile, uneven lips, freckles and deep lines. Nothing but collagen injections is going to change that, and I can't afford that, so too bad!
RRP $20.50

I had the highest hopes for this lipstick, and received the highest amount of disappointment! :c
I absolutely ADORE the colour of this lipstick, it's the perfect pale pink for me! Unfortunately there is something about the formula that does not suit people who do not have gorgeous plump lips. Before this photo was taken I exfoliated, drank 2 glasses of water and moisturized my lips. All of this had pretty much zero effect on the way the lipstick applies. It sinks into the cracks on my lips and manages to find the smallest bits of dead skin still left. It's pretty much impossible for me to wear without feeling self conscious which sucks, because it's a gorgeous colour! You can't tell so much from a distance though.
In these photo's I'm wearing Missha's Signature Complete BB Cream in shade 13, Mascara and brow liner. This is my general 3 minute school makeup! (I'm way too lazy to wake up earlier) 
RRP $24.50
I really like this lipstick, it's very sheer with a little natural shimmer. It's perfect for everyday wear and doesn't take any effort to apply which is optimal!
Not very much to say about this lipstick, but I do like it very much!
The Soft Crayon Lip Rouge (RD01)
RRP $24.5
This one is my favorite out of the three! It comes with it's very own sharpener which is great because my other sharpener is reserved for eyeliners.
The lipstick is incredibly pigmented and easy to apply. It's a lot like using a lipliner that has all of the properties of a lipstick! This what a full application looks like. 
It's fairly long lasting and once the shiny part of the lipstick wears off you are left with a rosy stain which I think is pretty cute!
I almost miss my old hair, then I remember how high maintenance it was :c *Sigh*
Missha also sent me some little testers for their Liquidly Cleanser One-step Oil to Foam and Liquidly Cleanser One-step Milk to Peeling products so I could have a try, and me and Jack ended up loving the Milk to Peeling cleanser so so so much that we bought one of the big bottles! Yay! :3 Let me know if you guys want a review!


  1. Pity about the application of the creamy matte lipstick! That was my favourite colour out of the three.

    1. I'm pretty gutted about it :/ It's such a pretty colour! Perhaps it's the "matte" part that makes it apply so badly.


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