Thursday, 30 May 2013

♥♥♥ Jack turns 22! ♥♥♥

Hello Princesses! 

Last week was Jack's 22nd birthday, so we went out for brunch at the Chocolate Boutique! ^^ Hamilton weather is freaking freezing at the moment, with temperatures as low as 1°C during the daytime. Brr!  
 These photos were taking shortly after having some dental work done, and frankly I'm impressed my smile isn't crooked because of the anesthetic! ><  
 I also bought this super cute bow necklace from a jewelery store called Lovisa, which was having a 70% off sale! :3
 Belgium hot chocolate and white chocolate teddy ^^ 
 Which I promptly ate the legs and arm of ... ><
And my cute wing ring (hehe wing ring) from Lovisa also :3 
Jack chose Eggs Benedict, his ultimate favorite brunch food!
 We finished off the day with a gigantic 6 layer cake! Alternating layers of White Chocolate mud cake and Dark Chocolate mud cake with alternating layers of peanut butter frosting and jam frosting. >< Did it need to be that complex? No. But it was way more fun to make that way! ^^
I sprinkled the cake with blue sugar glitter in an attempt to make it look a little manlier, which failed, so it ended up with a mixture of blue, pink and white ><
 Hehe oh well it was still tasty! ^^


  1. Ooo the chocolate and cake look really good!!
    Have followed you via GFC =) Hope you could follow mine too <3

  2. hey, oh wow we like your blog, would you like follow eachother? we starts and follow you on gfc and bloglovin! please do the same, hugs the twins from

    1. Thank you sweeties! ^^ You guys are SO cute!

  3. Aww he seems really happy with the cake xD It looks so yummy *-*

    Your blog is really cute! <3

    Much Love

    1. Hehe he was quite pleased with the cake ^^ Although it took almost a week for 4 boys to finish it! ♥♥♥

  4. those cake looks yummyyyyyy!!! =)
    hiii... sorry 4 the late respond..
    already followed you via gfc.. =)

  5. hello, u look so cute. <3 I envy your climate, here in our country it's so very hot.

    Is Jack your boyfriend?

    Thanks for dropping by on my blog, I now followed you. <3

  6. Super cute pictures! <3 and wow the cake looks delicious! ^^

  7. You are gorgeous O_O


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