Monday, 27 May 2013

Manicure Monday: I Don't Give A Rotterdam!

Hello Princesses! 

 I am so so so sorry about my long absence! I'll have a short post tomorrow explaining why I was away for so long!
In the meantime, here is today's Manicure Monday, OPI - I don't give a Rotterdam! I was looking at buying this polish while I was shopping with my little sister Emily, but she convinced me to just borrow hers to see if I liked it enough first! ^^ So kind of her!
The stormy blue gray of the polish definitely suited the cold wet day we had in Hamilton today!


  1. It looks so pretty Lauren!
    too bad I can't wear my nail polishes anymore :(
    school's coming and we're not allowed to wear one
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    love lots,

    1. Aw no! Not being allowed polish is the worst! :c Of course I'll join your giveaway ♥ giveaway's are great! ^^

  2. If you liked this polish you'll probably also like OPI I Have a Herring Problem and Zoya Skylar ^^ I have both OPIs and the Zoya is coming to me from mbeautylounge :D Looove grey-toned blues and micro flakie shimmer.

    1. Ooooh the Zoya looks gorgeous! I might have to invest in one of those! I can just feel myself getting super poor next month when I have my credit card back hehe!


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