Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Manicure Monday: Designer De Better!

Hello lovelies!

Today's manicure Monday comes on a Tuesday. My older brother has been super sick so I'm currently typing this from the Waikato hospital!
Honestly how do people manage to take those beautiful photos of their nails while they hold the bottles of polish? My fingers always seem to look like they're in an awkward family photograph.
O.P.I's Designer De Better polish is super pretty and applies so nicely! It's a shimmery gold with bronze glitter that you can only see when you look closely.  I used Revlon's Cotton Candy on my ring fingers as an accent. I think the bronze and pale pink looks so cute! ^^ The Cotton Candy polish is part of the scented range, and it smells so sweet! It still smells sweet after I applied the topcoat. It's an adorable pale pink colour and is one of the only pale pinks that is pigmented enough to wear with only two coats, O.P.I's Second Honeymoon needs 3 or 4 coats to get a good colour and in that time I get impatient, touch my nails and mess them up :c Urgh.


  1. Thanks for the comment :)
    It was beautiful nail colors! It was beautiful
    Sure thing will follow one another

  2. ahw.. I hope your brother'll get well soon. Love this color. Perfect for graduation as gold is the color of victory!


  3. I love your manicure, especially the accent nail. But I cannot believe I missed the memo on scented nail polish! That is so science fiction to me!



  4. Looking fabulous babe! Love this color on you!
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  5. very pretty gold nail paint:-) Do visit my blog and If you like,follow me on GFC and Bloglovin and i'll surely follow back;-)

  6. This gold is so pretty and I love the pale pink accent. Hope your brother gets better soon! I'd love to follow each other! Following you now and hope you follow back :)

  7. You're suuuper pretty!!! :D

    I love your hair!


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