Sunday, 31 March 2013

Review: Kimchi Bambi Blue Lens

Hello Lovelies! 

I entered the photo contest on the ISZO facebook page and won the randomizer prize! 

So ISZO sent me a pair of lenses for free!

Free! Yay!
I chose the Kimchi Bambi Blue Lens. This is my first pair of Blue Circle Lens
Diameter : 16.2mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Center Thickness : 0.04mm
Water Content : 55%
Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable

 Natural Eye Colour
One Lens
Colour and design:
The colour of these lenses is super vibrant, with a petal shaped black limbal ring and blue and light brown fading into the iris. They give a kind of 3D effect which creates some depth to my eyes, but instead of making them look more realistic it makes them look very blank and doll-like.
These lenses are so interesting. Even though they are the same diameter as all of my other circle lenses they actually appear smaller. 
These are pretty comfortable, no complaints here.
I think these lens would be great for cosplay since they have such a vibrant colour! However they are not very suitable for everyday wear because the colour is too vibrant.

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  1. I must say about the packing of lenses, it is beautiful. The colour of the lenses is fabulous and you are looking beautiful with it.


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