Monday, 29 April 2013

Manicure Monday: Cinderella Inspired Nails

Hello Lovelies! 

I've recently become part of my local Nail Polish addicts face book group (which is possibly a lot more exciting than it sounds!) So you may end up hearing lots more about nail polish! In the two weeks I've been a part of their group I've bought more than 20 polishes. Although I'm not sure if that's a good thing, I'm getting poor way too fast! ><
This week I was inspired from the group discussion briefly mentioning Disney Princess nail art.The more I thought about it the more I wanted to try it! 
So I decided to try Cinderella.I think this was the first Disney movie I ever saw!
As most of you know, I'm pretty terrible at nail art, so I tried to depict the material of Cinderella's ball gown. The one thing I remember about Disney movies was that the beautiful ball gowns always have that gorgeous, unreal, sparkling material that you can never emulate in real life no matter how hard you try. *sigh* That material would make one beautiful performance dress.
I used my Sally Hansen - Flash, polish mixed with a white polish to make the pale blue. I created a gradient effect with a fine silver glitter polish, and finished the mani with a chunky hexagonal glitter polish.   

Of course two seconds after taking my photos I squished two fingernails together and smudged most of the polish off *sigh* I'm waiting for a quick dry topcoat to come and save my manicures!


  1. WOW! it's pretty!
    Really Cinderella-ish <3

    love lots,

  2. Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat is really really good. Inexpensive and widely available (AU$15 at Priceline which is in like every suburb), it also doesn't drag or streak through your polish, leaves a gorgeous glossy shine and there is NO shrinkage!

    Painting my nails used to be a CHORE because of how long it would take! Now I pretty much just slap it on and go. Whether I do thin or thick coats doesn't matter anymore now that I have Insta-Dry. Now I paint my nails while watching TV or a movie - I'll paint a coat, then watch a scene or two so I wait a few minutes, then paint another coat and do the same thing, then paint on Insta-Dry and watch a few more minutes then I'm done. It says it dries and sets within 30 seconds but I always give it a few minutes before using my hands just to be safe. Never ruined a mani since I've found this. True Love hehe

    I honestly feel so stupid for not getting a top coat years ago - I would paint a thin coat, blow dry my hands til they fried, paint another coat and blow dry my hands til they fried, then wake up in the morning STILL with sheet marks in my nails!!


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