Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Manicure Monday: Reese's Pastel Eggs

Hello Lovelies!

 I love Easter. I love hot cross buns (both store-bought and home-made) and I love chocolate.

This weeks manicure was inspired by the most addicting candy. 

Reese's Pastel Eggs.
Mmm peanut butter candy!

It's also kinda low in carbs. Which makes it kinda on my diet. Hehehe ^^ Unfortunately my nail polish collection isn't diverse enough to have pastel yellow or surprisingly pastel blue, so I just make do with what I have!
Nail Polishes used;

OPI - Second Honeymoon
Revlon - Gum Drop

I really don't recommend the Australis nail polish. It's not often that I talk about things I dislike like on my blog, but I really would not suggest you try this polish. It annoys me that they have such a cheap, cute range of polishes but continue to make kind of a terrible formula. *shrugs*


  1. Loving pastels for easter!


  2. Nice idea..... I love pastel colors!!!!!

  3. Oh wow! I really like this! The pastels are just the perfect colors for Easter! I hate it too when I find a nail polish brand that has great colors, but the formula is so bad, your nails have chipped and cracked by the next day! >_<

  4. Beautiful Pics! You got a great Blog. Would you like to follow each other?
    Just let me know ;)

  5. hey there... u've got a gr8 blog.. want to follow eachother?? if so follow me and let me know i'll follow back for sure.. :) if can even follow eachother on lookbook,facebook and instagram..

  6. Have you tried benefit high beam ?


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