Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the super cute Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux base in Mint Choux and Berry Choux! I picked up 10 samples of each of these colour almost a year ago now, because I loved my green Missha primer so much and wanted to try some different brands. Roseroseshop only had testers for Mint and Berry, but not Peach Choux which is disappointing as I would've loved to try the whole set!

This light and fluffy makeup base creates baby choux skin with it's moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside.

#1 Mint Choux : For redness problem 

#2 Berry Choux : For that pale face that needs more color (cool tone)

#3 Peach Choux : For face that have yellowish tone (warm tone)
1 - Mint Choux 
For redness problem
Green tones balance the redness in skin, and the Mint Choux base is no exception! These bases are all designed to whiten your skin to some degree, but I don't think this particularly whitens the appearance of my skin, but rather just covers the redness, thus making my skin appear whiter/balanced.
 2 - Berry Choux
For that pale face that needs more color (cool tone)
The Berry Choux is of course designed for cool toned skin (which I don't have) and would probably work very well for fair cool toned girls! I found that using the pink base made my face look even redder than usual because of the high pigmentation of the product, which is no good for me when my skin looks yellow. Even using a very yellow foundation over the pink base didn't help very much, so purely for that fact the pink base did not work for me.
The Baby Choux Bases are moderately thick in texture and quite pigmented. They feel super soft on the skin, and makes the skin look quite matte, however they don't change the finish of any product that you put on top of it. The Mint Choux smells like very sweet sunscreen, and the Berry Choux smells like sweet strawberries!

I found the baby choux bases easy to apply and quite moisturizing, but they did end up looking a little flakey around any irregularities on my skin. They lasted well, but they didn't help my makeup stay any longer or control the oil any more than usual. If you're wondering about the difference in colour and consistency between the Etude House Baby Choux base in Berry and the Etude House Magic Cushion in Pink, click this link to see a comparison of swatches!

What I love
Super cute packaging (tube and jar)
Range of correcting colors
Smells amazing
Easy to use
Very pigmented
Soft Matte Finish

What I don't love
Deep colors (not brightening enough for me)
Not great for dry or uneven textured skin
Final thoughts
I quite liked the Mint Choux Base, but I still prefer my Missha green base since it's a brighter mint. I really want to try the Peach Choux (since it is for yellow skin) and I may purchase a full size tube since there are no testers for Peach, and I quite liked the formula of the Mint and Berry Choux! I'm pretty jealous that I can't purchase the cute little jar packaging though, since it looks like it's discontinued though. :C Oh well!

Have you Princesses tried the Baby Choux Base before? Are there any other bases or primers that you love?


  1. sounds like a very good product dear!! thanks for your wholesome review about it <3

    love lots,

  2. I have the peach choux one and i love it *3* i noticed too that it does looks a but flackey on dry spots on the face.
    I really want to buy the mint and pink one too *3*


    1. Ooh is the Peach Choux more yellow or orange based?

  3. Thanks for you review, I would like to try them :3 since I love matte finish. Just a couple of questions: Where did you buy it? and, How long did it take to arrive?

    Thanks in advance ^^

    1. Hey lovely! I got mine from Roseroseshop, but they no longer sell samples sorry (:


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