Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Review: Creer Beaute; La Rose De Versailles Mascara and Eyeliner Set

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about Creer Beautes ANTOINETTE Liquid Eyeliner + Mascara Set! I picked this duo up from Sasa for $20.40(USD). My initial first impressions of these products was less than satisfactory, but after a couple of uses I'm somewhat more impressed by some aspects of these products!
The Mascara and Liquid Liner have very regular applicators, the Mascara has a thick fluffy brush that's not too oversized, and the Liquid Liner tip is very sharp to help create fine lines.

The mascara is very easy to apply, and makes my lashes feel long and voluminous without feeling clumpy. However, it makes my feel really sticky! I feel my eyelashes sticking together when I blink, and if I have to clean up underneath my eye, the lashes stick to each other which is super irritating.
The Liquid Liner is pretty standard, it creates very thin to thick lines, but I do find that the initial line bleeds slightly due to the thin consistency of the product. It's still a very pigmented product, and easy to use despite the initial bleeding.
 I find it very easy to line my eyes with the liquid liner. I only line the inner and outer thirds of my eyes because it flatters my eye shape the most.
The mascara lasts well (aside from the discomfort of sticky lashes) and doesn't smudge under my eyes, which most mascaras do. The eyeliner doesn't last as well, and tends to smudge off when my skin gets a little oily, which I obviously don't love.
 What I Love
- Mascara doesn't smudge
- Liner is pigmented
- Liner makes smooth thin lines
- Elegant packaging
- Well priced

What I Don't Love
- Mascara is extremely sticky
- Liner smudges on oily lids
Final Thoughts
I'm feeling pretty "meh" for both of these products to be honest. Even though the liner is quite average, but I will still be using it all up because it's not terrible, and I literally go through a liner a month and I don't want to waste it! The mascara would've been so lovely if it wasn't so sticky, if anyone has any tips on fixing or using "sticky" mascaras, please let me know! I can't really re-sell the mascara (it's difficult to sanatise, and sharing eye germs is gross) so I would love to get my monies worth of the mascara! ^. ~

What are your favorite waterproof mascaras?

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  1. Loveeee the packaging of both products ♥ The mascara looks amazing on you! So envy of your long lashes :p


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