Thursday, 23 March 2017

Review: Too Cool for School Milk Tints

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Too Cool for School Milk Tints! I spotted these while looking for a lavender toned lip tint and was surprised to see that they have a really nice little colour range and super cute packaging.
"Once a long time paint vivid color. When applied on the lips with naturally long-lasting color. Smooth like milk. Milk contains ingredients rich in texture, Dry and soft lips shiny and smooth wrap. Clean and transparent, without stain lips. Just as the right milk lotion kept moist lips."(1)
Guys, these come in little milk cartons. SO CUTE!
The product packaging is really cute, but also really functional. They stand and store really nicely and also have great doe foot applicators that apply the product easily and nicely.
The colour range is really nice, instead of a million shades of pink there is a Pink, Orange, Red and a Lavender which is more unusual.
Milky Pink
Milky Pink is a beautiful light pink shade that smells like strawberry milk! This shade is super subtle and definitely a my lips but better shade for me.
This shade is also a dupe for the Benefit Posietint which I am so happy about because I loved the colour, but couldn't afford the price tag.
Milky Orange
Milky Orange is a vibrant pastel orange shade. This mixes really nicely with my lip colour and actually ends up looking more like a coral which I think is much more wearable than the almost yellow tone that it looks like from the initial swatches.
Just like Milky Pink, this is very sheer and will wear off in about 3 to 4 hours, but at least they fade gracefully.
Milky Red
Milky Red is a beautiful sheer red shade. Since the rest of the collection is pastel I was surprised that this wasn't also a pastel, but then it did occur to me that a pastel red would just be a pink, so I guess this is the most pastel they could get a red to look without it turning pink.
This is a really beautiful shade and it is actually quite unique for me! I don't have any red shades so far that are this soft so it really is something a little different.
Milky Lavender
Milky Lavender is a beautiful orchid shade.
This shade is the reason that I bought the entire range and I am not disappointed! It really is very pretty, and almost identical to Benefits Lollitint.
This is what Milky Red looks like after 6 hours, this one is the darkest so it does last the longest, but like most tints it does wear off in the center of my lips.
This is what they all look like! The colour range is really beautiful, though they are all very sheer which can make them look somewhat alike in colour.
What I Love
- Packaging is cute and functional
- Inexpensive at $5USD each
- Beautiful color range
- Easy to apply
- Stains nicely and fades gracefully 

What I Don't Love
- Lighter colours only last for about 3-4 hours

Final Thoughts
I'm really happy with these lip tints! They have gorgeous functional packaging, they're easy to apply and reapply, and they have really nice colours in the range. The lighter colours only last about 3-4 hours, but they are so sheer that it is understandable, and since they're very inexpensive at about $5USD each, if I end up using them 2 or 3 times a day I won't be too upset because I can afford to repurchase them if I actually end up finishing the product. They actually end up being used quite a lot for me because they are great everyday shades, so I am really happy with them!

I would recommend the Too Cool for School Milk Tints to any Princesses that are looking for super cute, sheer pastel lip tints. 

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  1. Wow! wonderful tints! should try them soon <3
    wonderful review as always dear!

    love lots,


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