Thursday, 6 June 2013

Review: Yeswalker Bags

Hello Princesses! 

Today I'm going to share my experience of purchasing bags from the online store Yeswalker! After my previous review of Yeswalker's Shoes I decided to try out their bags, since buying one and getting one free is just too hard to resist! ><
I ended up deciding on the Faux Leather Flap Handbag in Black and the Canvas Tote in Khaki. The pictures on the website lead me to believe that the Canvas Tote was a much more beige colour than khaki, so I was actually really disappointed when I received the bag! :c
After getting the bags, my younger sister decided she would actually quite like the exact same bags, but in different colours. Which worked out well for me since I really didn't think the Khaki tote suited me. :c So she took the Khaki Tote and ordered me the Blue Tote! :3
I absolutely adore my Canvas Tote! I use it almost everyday since it's big enough to fit my flute into! The only thing I don't like about the tote is the way the end of the zipper hangs out at the end, although I can always sew it in place! The material is sturdy and it has more than enough compartments.
Interestingly the Black and Cream Faux Leather Flap Handbag (which are no longer available in those colours) are not actually the same bag! Very similar, but not the same. They have a completely different inner, different straps and different zipper tags. What? Why?







Having said that, both me and my sister love our  Faux Leather Flap Handbags! The faux leather is super soft, the bag is so versatile and can actually hold lot of things including my very large wallet!
Things I love

Free Shipping
Cute Design

Things I dislike
Shipping takes a while
Colours are not always accurate 
I'm not sure why the two clutches aren't the same design 

I always love shopping at Yeswalker and Yesstyle, they have such a huge and cute range of apparel and cosmetics, and I struggle to find such cute items at the same price in New Zealand! 

Yeswalker is still running their Buy one get one free promotion and are now including their free shipping promotion! Go and check them out if you haven't already visited them!


  1. Those faux leather bags are so lovely! The black ones are my favorite :) Great review.

    xo Azu

  2. Wow, love these bags, their versatility is amazing!

    P.S: check out my new post:


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