Thursday, 25 October 2012

Review: Uniqso Circle Lens Beuberry Bella Green

Hello Lovelies! ^^
 Today I am going to review my first ever pair of circle lenses!
After shopping around and debating about trying circle lenses, I fell in love with a pair of lenses I found at Uniqso! I found this site very easy to navigate, and most of the lenses have a picture with the model wearing them which makes it easier to see what the lenses will look like on. (:

The pair I decided on are by Beuberry in the shade Bella Green. As a first time wearer, to be honest I didn't really know what I was choosing, I just saw a pretty pair and went for it. ^^ The lenses took about 7 days to arrive from Malaysia, and were packaged up in a cutesy little box and with a lens case and a earbud.
The lens bottles are so cute, I am using the empty bottles to store my tiny rhinestones!
The colour is a bit brighter than I had expected from the pictures on the website. 

This pair is 16mm, and I had a TON of trouble trying to get the lenses on my eyes! >< every time I tried to put the in I would end up blinking them out! But every time I put them in it gets easier now. ^^ I found it very strange to wear lenses because of the adjustment of how much light was reaching my eyes, it made the colours seem very vivid and bright until my eyes adjusted. This went away within 10 minutes, and it felt very normal :D
Normal Light
Window Light
The more light there is, the more of my brown iris you can see, but I find the green - brown effect quite nice (: I find these lenses a little too big for everyday wear, and next time I think I would purchase some that are a little smaller, or more of a subtle colour than these. Although I absolutely ADORE them, I think they scare people.

To be even more scary (hey why not) I took some photos with my fangs in ^^ If I had a halloween party to go to this would be perrrrrfect.
Colour and design:
I love the colour and the design, the black spikes help the green to blend and look less like a solid colour. They are super fun to wear, however, they are not very natural looking, which really does limit where I can wear them to avoid people staring.

These are HUGE. They are very dolly/alien looking and my flatmates thought I looked quite scary and noticed the difference immediatly. This also made it slightly difficult to insert the lenses since it was hard to hold my eye open so wide!

I thought these would be very uncomfortable to wear, but they are fine for me! ^^ The longest I have worn them for is 6 hours, but I had no dry eyes and no irritation so I am surprised, but very happy!

I am so happy with these lenses (even though I am too scared to wear them out yet) and I am most deffinately going to order some more from Uniqso! ^^ but perhaps with a smaller diameter next time!
    My boyfriend liked them after he adjusted to the change (hehe)
My outfit for the day was one of my favorite white dresses from Wildpair. I had a masterclass today as well as my chamber music exam, so I had to dress respectfully, this dress is almost knee-length so it is perfect!
Hope you are all having a lovely day (:

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